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“We’re passionate about data and want our customers to benefit from the insights that can be unlocked from their data.”

Salim Weigel & Tolga Keles CEO´s & Owner

Data strategy and governance in today’s
firms is a crucial and complex topic.

We define and implement the data strategy of organisations with our proven consulting methodology. This includes: ideation of AI cases, use of operating models (like the “AI Factory”), data governance programmes, and data infrastructure set-up.

We design and deliver concrete actions through
an exhaustive framework.

From data management strategy to making sure organisations are GDPR compliant, our team helps and advises executives on how to optimise their data governance to improve their performance.

We believe in creating unique solutions for each of our clients, and we integrate their teams to design a tailor-made and efficient organisation.

High-quality data drives better business decisions

Whether your business is a small start-up using spreadsheets to manage and report on data, or a large well-established corporation that has invested heavily in data storage and presentation technologies, you need good quality, trustworthy data to provide information about customers, products and services and to inform strategic decision making.

Make data-driven decisions for better commercial outcomes

The right BI solution will convert your data into well-structured, analysable insights. In other words, real business intelligence that will inform your strategic decision-making and support commercial outcomes.


Think of BI & Analytics as a way to access to all your business data in a single unified place. An easily accessible data visualisation solution or data dashboard makes valuable information available to everyone, while providing valuable insights that are easy to spot and action.

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Solutions for all your data management requirements

Alfidia delivers a comprehensive suite of market-leading data solutions and services that will enable your organisation to unlock real business value from your data.

With a wealth of experience and expertise in delivering data solutions to clients across a range of industries, Alfidia´s consultants are fluent in all data technologies.


We can create all-encompassing solutions spanning all data disciplines, which will enable your organisation to fully optimise data for the long-term.

Customised solutions

We are flexible and adapt our intervention to fit our client’s needs: we will accompany you in the development and implementation of data governance from A to Z or we’ll intervene on a specific stream.


Our motto is your success, and that is why we take great care in making sure your teams are trained and involved in every project we set in place. We design tailor-made training and approaches to ensure the acceptation of the project by your organisation.

Our Data Governance approach is the critical path to generating business value.

Data Processing

Optimise your data
with Alfidia

Alfidia has helped many clients across a range of sectors to gain greater value from their data. While every single one of our customers is unique, most of them approach us

with similar data challenges.


We can apply our deep data expertise and extensive industry knowledge to address your data challenges and enable you to:

  • Understand exactly what data you have in your company

  • Centralise your data making it more accessible

  • Improve the quality of your data, making it more reliable and accurate

  • Ensure your reports are delivered in a timely way

  • Make your business data-driven so you gain real business value

  • Gain a competitive advantage with a proactive approach to data

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