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Leading trough change

Data Team as a service

Unleash your full potential...

Everything we produce aims to democratize data, making it more accessible and easier to use within companies. Data will only reveal its true potential when adopted by the masses.

Data Science & Machine Learning

We help businesses by bringing Machine Learning into their day to day activities. Predict your customer churn, employee turnover, sales or fraud using our ML and AI skills and solutions

Data Lake &
Data Warehouse

With the right data integration platform you can keep up with the latest innovations and land your data where ever it needs to be. The question data warehouse vs data lake becomes a moot point. 

Business Intelligence & Data Discovery

Turn complex data into useful answers


To get the most value from your data, you need to be able to explore your data, discover patterns and outliers, and share your insights with others.

Data Consulting

We harness the power of data to unlock growth and value.Data is everywhere. Our mission is to spot data opportunities and fulfill our customers’ needs.

How Alfidia can help you if you’re new to BI

betonte Mann

Your teams are

drowning in data

Our BI tools highlight the important data that is valuable to your business and make it instantly accessible.

Arbeiten mit Tabellenkalkulationen

Critical processes

driven by Excel

This leads to issues with increasing data volumes and shareability. Our BI platforms can handle Big Data and share info with everyone simultaneously.


Unsure where to start

with your BI strategy

We’ll assess your current business data and define a strategy that will enable your business to become truly data driven.


Need to grow

revenue/reduce costs

Making your data easy to understand and accessible means you can make better-informed decisions to improve performance and reduce expenditure

Gemeinsames Büro

Don’t know which BI tool

is best for your business

We have expertise in all the leading BI tools, and we are technology agnostic. Our independent advice

is always impartial.

In einem Meeting

Getting different answers

to the same questions

BI tools are a great way to to ensure your data is distributed and interpreted consistently with a single version of the truth. No more questioning your data.

How Alfidia can help if you currently use BI

Person, die Daten analysiert

Your data tool isn’t

implemented properly

Common issues are incorrect tool selection, poor data preparation and unsuitable data modelling. Alfidia can relieve these BI headaches.

Collating Daten

Need to maximise value

from your BI investment

We can support you with training to create a data-driven culture across your business. This will ensure all your teams are data literate to generate greater value.

We create value through data and accelerate business transformation.

We have data-driven solutions for every company’s needs, from fully-customised AI projects to pre-packaged data solutions.​

Data is everywhere. Our mission is to spot data opportunities and fulfill our customers’ needs.

We deliver AI projects quickly and apply AI algorithms at speed, because we know that innovation cycles are measured in days and weeks, not months and years. Our approach provides extraordinary acceleration to our clients’ projects, meaning that AI solutions can be scaled and rolled out faster.

Data is at the heart of everything an enterprise aspires to do. Make your data more valuable on the cloud.

Unlock the value in unstructured data – text, images, voice – with search, analytics, NLP, and machine learning.

Industrialized solutions

We offer turnkey analytics and AI solutions for common challenges as well as custom solutions for more particular needs.

AI solutions that deliver game-changing results for your business, fast.

Rapidly generate insights to accelerate decision-making and speed-to-value.

Reinvent business performance, delivering sustainable value through intelligent operations.

We harness the power of data to unlock growth and value.

Organisations which are successfully implementing AI technologies are seeing the emergence of new models, especially in the form of a “Data factory” – a combination of talented individuals, methods, and technologies.

Our Partners

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